I am very much enjoying my On The Edge painting. I like it so much that the ladybug painting is prominently displayed in my living room. The lush colors and artistic detail make this a center-piece that my family and I will enjoy for many years. Best wishes for continued well-deserved success, and I hope that you will convey my sentiments to others.


Melanie's gentle eye for painting nature gives her work a light hearted presents. Yet, her choice to use bold color brings the work back to a serious tone. A perfect balance. She seems to achieve this with little effort. In the end I'm simply left in a good mood.



My name is Melanie Wallace and I was born and raised in Berlin, Germany, and moved to the USA at age 21. I have been an artist since the moment I could hold a pen. As a shy young girl, I avoided the playground and found my center in a world of brilliant colors and swirling lines. When people saw my art, the positive feedback encouraged me to make more art. It has always been my outlet away from the sometimes cruel world.  I have done numerous commissions of peoples pets. Having pets myself, I understand the importance of it.

My goal is to express the beauty of life within each of my subjects. I want viewers to see them for what they are--living, feeling creatures--and treat them like they want to be treated. Our planet such a treasure. It’s too bad we don’t treat it like one. I guess in some ways I still have a naïve hope that one day we all will be living in harmony, treating everyone with kindness, even the ones that can’t speak for themselves. I guess I am an artist with a hidden mission: to protect the planet’s creatures. Because of that I always like to use my art to help organizations raise money for their cause.

My process is meticulous, organized, and geared towards achieving the highest level of detail. I have a plan at the beginning of every piece and all my materials organized. I have images and ideas in my head for months before I actually put them on paper. Sometimes I do quick sketches with notes so I won't forget my idea. My ideas pop up anytime, anywhere. While driving I catch myself composing a lot of my works.

I draw inspiration from many sources. Some of my favorite artists are Robert Bateman, Carl Brenders, Ester Roi, Alberto Varga, Arlene Steinberg, and Norman Rockwell, just to name a few. 

My perfectionism gives me an intense drive to create new work and strive to achieve greater feats in every composition. I never run out of ideas. Sometimes I get so involved I sit for so many hours without eating, drinking, then I suddenly look up to find out, I need to move around! I simply get lost in it. The most crazy thing is I’m not the most patient artist, which is a curse when you want everything to be just perfect. It’s a battle within myself, but a good one without blood and casualties. I simply can’t wait to see the final result, and I’m always looking for what I could have done better. 


We love your work and its this very reason you have been doing our custom Christmas cards every year for us since 2006. We have quite a collection of your work and enjoy seeing your work of detail and full of heart. Our clients get quite a kick out of it as well and ask all the time who the artist is.