Art Event For A Good Cause

Art for Cats' Sake held yet another annual event. It was a success. This year held in St. Tammany Parish at the Furhman Auditorium.

I met loads of wonderful people all sharing the same passion, the love for cats. The proceeds of the tickets went to a good cause for cats. I enjoyed it so much and I am thrilled that many of my art pieces found new collectors. Many of them went to folks in and around New Orleans. Of course I mainly brought my cat art as it was an event about and for cats.
I was also hired to do a commission. I love meeting my customers in person. I think I need to do more of these events so I can meet more of you lovelies face to face.
Two originals sold and many limited edition, archival prints. 

It was a very long day, 11 am until 6 pm, not including set up and pick up time, and I admit I was so exhausted. I came home, ate and fell asleep. 

Proud Pussy was a big hit and while the original is still looking for a collector, many prints of Proud Pussy found a home. 

Thank you all who stopped by and said hi. Thank you all who bought my art. Thank you all who made donations. And thank you to the ones who made this all possible in the first place.