Message in a Painting

While the rainbow colored tail in Proud Pussy is very obvious as to what this piece signifies there are tiny other pieces I have added hidden within the artwork. 

When you look closely between the two eyes you will find three interlinked circles. It is the unity symbol and I was living in New Orleans at the time I composed this and so I added the fleur de lis symbol on the cat's back at the bottom, the cat's tush. I love The Beatles and to me their music brought a lot of folks together and many songs a message of love. While painting and working on the background I was listening to one of The Beatles song Strawberry Fields. And so the strawberries took their place in this piece of love, equality and unity for all. The two different colored eyes aren't an accident either as we are all very unique and beautiful individuals.

Hoping it spreads joy, peace and love.


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